Friday, November 18, 2016


Here's a random post full of funny pictures that pretty much sum up what my life looks like on a daily basis.
Sam standing on the arm of the couch eating an apple slice with some seriously crazy hair. He got a haircut later that day lol.

This was the first nap he took in this baby bouncer seat. He's taken several since then and has kind of claimed it as his spot.

He loves to wear hats or glasses and makes me laugh all the time.

He also has a serious obsession with his baby sister and loves to hug and kiss her.

This was the Sunday of the Primary Program which happened to also be Shelby's last one.

Remember how I said he's obsessed? He kind of really loves her and she takes it all, usually with a smile on her face.

Sam seriously can't leave her alone. He is always wanting to lay by her and I feel like I can't leave him alone with her for more than a minute. Luckily he never leaves my side for very long and can often be found in the bathroom with me lol.

Krispy Crème taste so much better with the hat on.

Ewok in my kitchen.

Some days I get lucky and they nap at the same time. This day they were even sleeping in the same position.

I don't think I could ever adequately explain what these two mean to me. I spent 8 years longing for another baby and 4 of those years actively trying to have one. By some miracle I got two bonus babies and I count myself extremely blessed. They are proof that The Lord hears and answers prayers and that all it takes is faith, trust, and loads of patience, with some hope mixed in too.

You're my favorite deputy!

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