Friday, November 18, 2016

Starlynn's Blessing Day

On October 8th, Ben blessed our precious little miracle. We loved having Sam's blessing at home and with all the family we have and Starlynn's special care, we decided to bless her at home as well. It was a little crowded in our new house but it was so great to have so many there supporting us and Star. Ben used his priesthood with great care to bless our sweet baby and she slept through the whole thing. I'm so grateful for the priesthood Ben holds and how he is so able and willing to use it.
 These are the shoes that Shelby wore for her blessing.

And I love the little bracelet around that chubby wrist.

Starlynn is our littlest angelbaby and we sure are blessed to have her a part of our family. She is a miracle. And I know my Heavenly Father has been blessing and watching over her for a very long time.

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