Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Last Week of School Madness

I'm not sure who's bright idea it was to add dress up days to the craziness that is already the last week of school but they did it.  We only managed to get a couple done due to moving (more on that to come) but here's what we did get.

 Hawaiian Day!

 Crazy Hair Day!  I used markers to color the boys heads'.

This year Soren got to have a fun water day.  It was a blast running around getting them wet while trying to stay dry.  I wasn't very successful at the staying dry part but it was so hot it was welcomed and I dried off quick.

Soren with a few of his friends.

There were water tables set up and buckets everywhere for the kids to play in and splash each other and the adults who helped.

Every Friday, a 4th grade class comes in and does a fun project with the little kids.  The big buddies got to come play in the water with them too!

 This picture is actually of Stryder's 4th grade class with the morning class.  He was a big buddy all year and loved helping the little buddies but wished he could have helped Soren's class. 

Now that I'm a PTA member working to become President, I have to attend a lot of the activities I never have before.  The last Friday of school was the picnic in the park.  I normally find a way out since it's always so hot but this year I was behind the table spinning cotton candy and flavoring sno-cones.  If you look closely at this picture you can see the cotton candy sticking to my hair.  It was really a fun time and the kids enjoyed running around the park without me getting after them.  

 It was such a fun and busy week and I'm glad it's summer now :)

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