Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Messy Life

Well like I said in a previous post, we moved.  I'm not sure where to start.  That little bluish/gray house on Equestrian was the first place we lived together as just our family of 5 for more than 1 year.  We were there for 2 and a half years and made some great memories in that cozy little house.  While packing up I had a little meltdown about leaving that house behind because of all of the memories we made there and the good times spent together as a family.  But the Lord has other plans for us and we are back living with Ben's parents.  In the long run, it's the best thing for bother families but the last month has sure been a struggle.  It was a quick, almost last minute decision to move in and then we wanted to be out before we had to pay for another month, so we had about 2 weeks to get the in-laws house ready for us and us out of the other one.  It seemed like every little thing that could go wrong, went wrong in those 2 weeks but I think it was just the Lord making sure we were committed to following through with the move.  There have still been some adjustments and "growing pains" as my hubby puts it, but life is moving along and we are feeling happy and slowly getting settled. We look forward to late night dates after the kids are in bed with grandma home and adults for me to talk to throughout the day, especially once the kids go back to school all day.  The wood blocks above my desk still read "Joyful Mess" and I've kind of taken that on as my life's motto.  I don't have a perfect life or family or house but I am trying desperately to find the joy and happiness in this mess I call my life and enjoy the moments.  I sure am going to miss the awesome buffalo knobs from the kitchen though.


  1. I'd like to borrow your 'life' motto if you don't mind. I think I could use it well.