Monday, May 19, 2014

Family 5K and Talents

The Saturday before Mother's Day was so busy but so fun. We ran our first 5K as a family out at Wheeler Farm. We were invited to come by Ben's sister Jana, since it was her work that put it all on. I headed out with the boys and was so surprised at how well they stuck it out and stayed with me while I ran about 80% of the 3 miles.

 After the run we wandered around the farm and of course I made Ben take a selfie with me.

 I loved the cows. This one was especially cute.

But the three baby goats were the kids' favorites. They were so cute bouncing around trying to get at their food.We also saw some horses, a pig, and several sheep with a few lambs. Also a couple large turkeys, chickens, ducks, and geese.

This lilac bush was gorgeous and smelled amazing. It was a slightly cold and dreary morning but these flowers were singing spring.

Later that night was the ward talent show. Ben, Shelby, and Stryder all sang and Soren did some back up dancing. I got some video but no pictures and I failed to get any video of Stryder's performance. He sang 'That's what makes you Beautiful' by One Direction. He practiced and practiced but it had a weird start that he had to count himself into and they were messing with his mic in the beginning so he missed his cue. It freaked him out and ran off the stage. Ben was quick to grab him and really encouraged him to try again. I was so proud of my boy as he got back up there and sang his little heart out. I didn't get any video because I was mouthing the words and cheering him on to encourage him. He did awesome. Shelby sang 'American Girl' by Carrie Underwood and nailed it. No one could believe that she is only 9 years old. We received so many compliments about how amazing our kids are. Soren did back up dancing for Stryder and almost stole the show with his worm and break dance moves. Man he sure was cute up there. Ben sang 'Oh what a Beautiful Morning' from Oklahoma and sounded dreamy, I mean awesome. And he played the guitar and sang 'For Baby' with his brother Steve. Boy my family sure is talented. I just sat back and soaked it all up beaming with pride. 

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