Monday, May 19, 2014

More of What's Happening

My dad was up here for work again around the end of April. I got to go mystery shopping with him and have some lunch. Then later in the week my mom flew up and I loved the one on one time we had as I picked her up from the airport and drove her out to Lehi. That Saturday we went out to dinner and then headed over to Scheel's to play around. My mom was such a good sport and rode with Shelby and Soren on the ferris wheel. Ben and I rode together and were surprised at how high we got and how uncomfortable we were with it. My dad and Stryder both hate heights and wandered around the store instead. 
Stryder and my dad discovered the cool jeep photo spot and the fishing one too. So of course they all had to get in on it and show off their catches.

Soren had a his first grade program. Excuse the grainy phone camera photos but I loved his expression in this one. They sang a few songs and recited poems about the different continents and children all over the world. One of the songs he sang for his kindergarten program and it made us both miss Ms Greenough.

After the program we headed to the park to kill some time till the other kids got out of school and discovered these stickers on the swing. Only in Utah will you find temple stickers as graffiti :)

For FHE one week we ate at Firehouse Subs and then headed to the real firehouse for a tour. But they were out on a call so we played at the cool park behind the station. The kids loved this firetruck.

This picture is horribly blurry but I love the moment it captured. It was lightly drizzling and Ben had told me that it was his favorite weather to play basketball in. Well we didn't have a ball and hoop so we went on a mile run around the neighborhood. We were soaking wet but it was awesome.

And I really love this picture too. "Mom I like your shirt but you are already wonderful with out it." I kind of love this kid lots and lots. He's kind of become a different kid since we moved up here and I'm really grateful for it.

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