Thursday, May 15, 2014

Some Randomness

 So I kind of gave up on my project 365. I was struggling to remember to take pictures or even just post the ones I did take. Our life is a bit crazy and the pressure to take a picture and post it everyday was too much. But here's a few of the last ones I did take.

We drive 45 mins to get to school every day. Yes it's crazy, but we've had some really great conversations and laughs and singing at the top of our lungs moments. But have I mentioned we only have 9 days of school left ;)

 The kids had a week of dressing up and naturally, their favorite was 'Favorite Character Day' which is pretty much the same thing as Halloween right?! I love these cute kids.

 Yes, another picture of the snow capped mountains in Eagle Mountain from one of my walks. But I mean, come on, how gorgeous is this view?!?!

 In April, Ben's Uncle Glen died very unexpectedly. It shook the whole family pretty hard as we lost such a great mountain of a man way to soon. I am grateful for my knowledge of the gospel and that we will see all of those people we love again.

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