Monday, May 19, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

I couldn't get a single picture with their eyes open and I wanted to scream and yell but you know what? That's what Mother's Day is to me... Perfectly Imperfect!
Ben and Steve made Jess and I homemade cinnamon rolls which I'm making a Mother's Day tradition now because they are so dang good. We went to church together as a family where my kids gave me cute tiles they painted. I was showered with more homemade gifts and then I did the dishes. Yes I did the dishes, I actually asked if I could because it's a bit of a stress relief for me. Then Ben made dinner and I enjoyed a quiet night with him. Perfectly Imperfect!

It's so cliche and I feel like I say it every year but I'm so blessed to be a mom, more specifically their mom. The Lord gave them to me and no one else. He entrusted these special spirits in my care and I try every day to be the best mom for them. Some days I fail miserably, others I barely make it through, but some are amazing. I just know that I'm the mom I am today because of the mom I was sent to. She has always taught by example and I am forever indebted to her. I took for granted how awesome it is to have your mom right down the street and it's been hard to be 500 miles away from her but I can feel her love and support every day even when I don't talk to her. She's just that amazing! Thanks mom for being my mom, I love you!

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