Wednesday, May 21, 2014

We Are Incredible!

When I get an idea in my head, it's hard to get it out and I just have to go with it. Well when we first moved up here I saw an advertisement for a 5K the elementary school's PTA was sponsoring. They were calling it the Masked Dash and they encouraged runners to dress as superheroes. I thought it sounds so fun so I signed us up and thought about all the superhero shirts we already have. Soren has multiple Spiderman shirts and a Batman one. Stryder has Superman and The Avengers. Ben and I both have a Captain America shirt and I have my Wonder Woman shirt. Shelby could borrow a shirt from a brother and we were all set...until I got my idea. Wouldn't it be awesome if we were The Incredibles instead?!?! I found us all red shirts in the closest matching shades possible, bought paint, and with a stencil, Ben and I painted each shirt. Then I found masquerade masks that we cut down and there you have it..."A whole family of Supers!" 

We headed to the race bright and early and got signed in. We received so many compliments from everyone around us. I took it easier on this race and stayed mostly with Ben and Shelby. My boys however took off and finished at least 20 mins before I did. We stuck around for the awards and I'll admit it, I was slightly bummed when we didn't win for best costume. But everyone at Costco loved them as we shopped there afterward. And just like that we made a great family memory that the kids will never forget. They have already been bugging me about doing laundry so they can wear their shirts again. It was an Incredible day and I love my family!


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