Thursday, July 2, 2015

June Wrap-Up

Here is a picture overload of what we've been doing so far this summer. June is always busy with birthdays and Father's Day but this year we seemed to add even more to it.

On the first official day of no school for summer, we went to Neptune Park. Ok this monkey bar pyramid is like 25ft tall and yes that is Stryder up at the very top. And of course they loved it.

Then I decided to send my phone up to the top with Stryder. He put it in his pocket and then was super scared to take it out and was so afraid he was going to drop it but I love the pictures he got. Looking down from the top you can see Meleah, Soren, Carter, and Shelby, the crazy kids that climbed really high.

 Poor Sam, he's got one sister and she's already dressing him up. At least it was cat ears.

Right before Stryder turned 12 he got to go on one last adventure with the 11 year old scouts. He has had so much fun with those boys and had the best leaders. Brother Alba in particular, has made a lasting impact on Stryder and was even in the circle when Stryder was ordained. For this last adventure they went on an overnight camp out. Ben was able to get off early and go at the last minute and I know both of them were so excited about that fact. While at the campout they did a little ceremony for Stryder turning 12 and Brother Alba gave him a necklace with a tomahawk (the name of their troop is the flaming tomahawks) and with it came a commitment to get his Eagle award. He's so determined to continue on with his scouting career.

When my parents came up they brought Trevor and our nephew Mason. We had a blast taking them to the zoo. Neither of them had ever been to a real zoo before and it was made even better by the fun fact that Hogle Zoo is doing a big Zoorassic Park theme this summer. I thought it would just be dinosaur statues around but they were animatronic and moved, roared, and spit. It was such a blast.

Trevor took my camera for the trip and captured so many great shots. I loved this moment with Sam watching the seals and sea lions swim by.

This is the T-Rex that moved and roared. He was pretty rad.

This little furry guy totally caught Sam's attention for a few minutes as he jumped around his tree. It was so cute watching Sam follow him around.

I loved all the Jurassic Park things they had around the park. It made me smile.

We sure loved having Mason come visit us for the weekend. It was so fun having these cousins all together.

Stryder was eating a cookie and Sam thought it looked so yummy. He tried to grab it and eat it himself. It was pretty cute.

This pretty much summed up Ben's Father's Day. He got a yummy breakfast and dinner and watched his boy pass the sacrament for the first time. Plus a lot of love from his family.

We took this whole crew to see Inside Out. It was seriously so so good! We are still talking about it. I cried, like a lot. Made me really think about my kids growing up and making sure their is a lot of Joy.

The last weekend in June was Cub Scout Day Camp. Up here they only go for two days instead of a week but it was pretty much all day. The first day was dinosaur themed and the second day was Lego themed. How could it not be super fun?! Soren did come home really dirty both days though, another sure sign of a good time. Stryder got to participate in a team building and ropes course activity with his young men's group at Camp Williams. He came home and would not stop talking about all the cool stuff he did. The Saturday before he was able to go perform baptisms for the dead at the Timpanogos Temple. He'd only been 12 for ten days and got the chance to have that experience. Such a blessing for him.

And finally we spent some time out on the trampoline trying to take pictures of the kids flying through the air. It was pretty funny but laughing and making memories is what I was going for anyways right?! HA!

I sure do love this crew of mine and I can't wait to create more memories and have tons more fun this summer.

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  1. I love the memories!! You do have some cute little monsters in your crew and I am so proud of each one of them!