Monday, July 20, 2015

The Fourth of July, Family, and Fun

So far the month of July has been a fun one. We headed south to Henderson for the 4th of July weekend. We spent all of our time soaking up the sun and lots of time with family. The Robbins family lovingly welcomed us, along with Cari's family, to their pool for hours of swimming. I'm so grateful for such good friends who I miss terribly. 
I started out taking pictures of Shelby and how she's almost as tall as her almost 15 year old cousin Meghan but I'm so glad RaeLeigh jumped in and I was able to get a picture of these bathing beauties. They are growing up so quickly.

This was Sam's first time swimming and I think it's safe to say, I may have another fish on my hands. And that makes me super happy. Now I just need to find some more places and time to swim here in Utah.
We loved having Uncle Trevor with us and getting to spend so much time with him and even meeting his "girl". I sure love how helpful and patient he is with my kiddos. And I can't wait for him to come spend another weekend up here with us.

On the 4th, we hung out at my mom's and had a barbeque. Then we headed to Boulder City for their fireworks show. We found an awesome spot and parked alongside Cari's car. Her Olivia handed out little bags of popcorn and soda and it was the perfect celebration of our independence. The first big boom of the fireworks scared Sam but he soon relaxed and watched the show. 
It was a nice little getaway from life for a few days. The drive home was a bit annoying since Sam hates being in his carseat and isn't sleeping all the time. He cried from Cedar City to Nephi. It was a long drive to say the least.

On the 13th, Ben turned 32! We were just planning a quiet night at home with the kids when we got a text from Randall asking about a double birthday date. Ben's sister Candice, that we live with, shared her birthday with Ben when she was 2 years old and they have been sharing ever since. So we hurried and fed the big kids and then Ben and I with Sam headed to Texas Roadhouse with Candice and Randall. Then we went bowling. It had been a really long time since any of us had been bowling and it was hilarious fun. 
I'm so grateful for Ben and all he does for his family. We sure do love him.

And finally, this past weekend Shelby and I had a very merry unbirthday Mad Hatter tea party. It was an activity days mother daughter brunch and it was awesome. The decorations were amazing and it was so nice to spend some special time with Shelbs.

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