Friday, July 31, 2015

Wrapping Up July

July was a month of firsts...
We bought this toy car for Stryder when we was a baby and managed to hang on to it throughout all these years, even when we were getting rid of all things baby. Well we finally pulled it out for Sam to tryout. He kind of liked it but I think the big kids got a bigger kick out of him in it.

 And then naturally Dixie thinks it's the perfect dog bed.

Then this month was my first time leaving Sam with a babysitter for more than a half hour. For months, Ben and I had been known this night was happening. Steve and Jess got tickets for all of us to see The Little Mermaid at the Hale Centre Theater and we were really excited but the night almost didn't happen. I has really worried about leaving Sam for that long but just like everything with Samuel, he totally surprised us all. He did awesome! He got a little fussy but never started a crying fit that never stopped. The play was amazing and I'm so glad we went. The Hale Theater is in a round and the stage lifts and drops, basically it was unlike anything I've ever seen. I even waited after the show to meet Ariel. But my favorite part of the night was walking back into the house and seeing Sam's face absolutely light up with pure joy and excitement upon seeing me. I am so loved by him!

My parents came into town this week to bring Trevor to volleyball camp at BYU. Then it worked out that my dad had meetings so I got to spend the day with my mom doing some back to school shopping with the kids and other adventures. We hit up Scheel's and my mom is such a good sport and rode the Ferris Wheel with Shelby and Soren while Sam, Stryder, and I watched the fish. Sam loved sitting up in the carts for the first time that day and was such a good baby throughout the day. My mom is so awesome for being so generous and spoiling her grand kids. We sure do love her and grandpa.

And finally Sam had his first taste of a fudge ice cream bar this month. He thoroughly enjoyed it.

So much so that the next time I gave him some he was all smiles waiting for his next bite. He is such a sweet baby and we sure so love experiencing all these firsts with him.

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  1. I helped the kids babysit Sam the night his folks went to Hale Theater. I was so impressed wirh how hard the kids would work to entertain him. We took turns passing him atound and as soon as his little lower lip started to pout, we passed him off to another person. He is such a sweet and patient baby. I will always remember that night with all four of my grandchildren from Ben and Taryn.