Thursday, July 23, 2015

Samuel Teddy Bear ~ 6 months

Samuel is 6 months old! It has been a pretty amazing half of a year and we are so happy that Sam is a part of our family. Over the past month he has figured out how to roll all over like crazy. He's even started to scoot and occassionally gets his knees up under him but can't get his arms figured out yet. He babbles a lot and it sounds like he's saying momma when he gets really upset. He loves sweet potatoes and ice cream but is just happy to be sitting in his bumbo at the dinner table with us. Sam and I are pretty much attached and together all the time. He's starting to notice the difference between someone else holding him and me holding him and really prefers just me. The sound of Ben's voice or even his snores will put a smile on Sam's face though, and when we are laying in bed it's super cute watching Sam try to get at Ben to wake him up. Some days I feel incredibly overwhelmed and wish things weren't so hard or going a certain way but when that sweet miracle baby is snuggled up in my arms, all is right in the world. He makes me grateful everyday and gives me hope. Oh Samuel Teddy thank you for these first 6 months, I can't wait to see what the next 6 months old for us.

Sam was born with that little red birthmark on his back. It's shaped like a perfect little sideways heart. I don't know if it will fade away one day but I hope not. I like to think it's his stamp of love from all those he was with before he joined our family. I know so many special people where loving on this precious boy before they finally let him come to earth. And again I will always say...he was worth the wait.

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